Your Designer Clothing

Do you have a wardrobe of recent season designer pieces that you no longer wear?

Do you love wearing and owning beautiful garments from the best designers in Australia and around the world?

Material Pleasures buys and sells contemporary or recent season designer items. We carefully select our pieces, choosing only the best and most interesting from established and  up-and-coming designers.

We're delighted to be able to share with you our love of design and textiles. Visit us at our Fyshwick showroom to see our wide range of amazing designer pieces.

Our collection caters for all ages and sizes.

The team of friendly staff can help you navigate through labels with expert advice in sizing and styling. We can help integrate our pieces to complement your existing wardrobe.

Come and indulge in a few of our Material Pleasures - we're keen to see you!

We're looking to buy now!